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Quick Game in Family 1. Observe the details.

In SUPER FAMILY GAMES we offer different games and ways to help you have fun when you play with your children. In this 1st game we propose a challenge so you can use your skills to demonstrate us you have an extraordinary capability to observe the details of a scene, and an impressive memory. Will you be able to correctly answer 4 questions about the video

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#3 – Adults and Kids win ‘Gems’ together

While you have fun in the Interactive Story or you practice playing with the Mini Games you win ‘Gems’. They keep accumulating in your avatar’s score. You can use these gems to customize your characters with brand new garments and accessories. You can also face the Challenges, Medals and Missions that you will find in the shelves at the sitting-room. If you see an

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#1 – The Family is the ‘PLAYER’

In Super Family Hero the Family is our central point of interest. To start playing, you must create your family, writting-down your ‘Family Name’. Then you add the carachter of each member of the family. It’s very funny to customize your avatars dressing them, or dressing them up with the garments and accessories which you like most. You can acquire garments, wigs, glasses and accesories

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