Super Mum and Super DadSuper Mum - Super Dad

Super Mum is a wise woman who knows how to organize her family the best way. She solves problems very fast. Makes decisions in complicity with Super Dad. She’s the strategist. Observes down to the last detail and spends her energy to start up the best plan to get out of trouble. She knows perfectly each family member.

Super Dad is a proud father, happy with his superhero-way-of-life. He is a bold brave and idealistic superman. He looks for complicity of his family to have real fun. He is strong, fast, clever and passionate about challenges. He’s not very good using technical devices, but finds children’s help to solve that issue.


Super Sister and Super BroSuper Sister - Super Bro

The youngest at this superhero family. They enjoy playing together as twins. They also have lots of fun playing with friends. Their parents are very proud to be able to count on them to beat villain Doctor Excuses. They can communicate using telepathy and they can be interchanged one with the other by tele transport superpower.

Super Sister is a sensitive and attentive girl. Curious and calm. She can explore with detail and remember all objects of an image. Although she was born seconds after her brother, she’s more mature and responsible. She enjoys helping his daddy with technical devices and gadgets.

Super Bro is highly curious kid. Ciberpathy power allows him to strip down any device so he can learn how it works and improve it. Sometimes his improvements work kind different of what are supposed, and his curiosity drives him to lose his way.