Impact of video games in our children

In Super Family Games we believe in ‘information-balance’ tandem when talking about parents’ attitude at video games stuff. On one hand, learn about virtues of games and also about their lacks. On the other hand, get children into a balance of time played to avoid falling down in a vicious cycle originated by excess. This way they can make the most of video games.

Super Family Hero works based on a story that ends with lazy habits, generating a positive attitude around the family.

Niños y videojuegos - Super Family Hero

A game for the family

Super Family Hero has been designed by a team of specialists on activities for families. Kids keep the leading role, but parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, and the rest of adult members of the family play a definitive in kids growth. The game becomes an experience that helps strenghten links inside the family.

Adaptative Difficulty

All games forming Super Family Hero are programmed including what we call ‘Adaptative Difficulty”. This way, level of difficulty adapts to each player’s profile. Depending on player’s age and historical performance he’ll find higher difficulty or lower. Therefore, adults and kids can play together, at the same time, with the same tablet, but having real fun at their logical level of difficulty.

Play together, have fun individually

You can play all family members together, at a time, or you can also train individually and beat individual challenges to gain points for your family team. At any of these available modes you’ll find a tool to have real fun with each member of your family.

Taking advantage of new technologies’ virtues

We use the most brand new technologies available for tablets and smartphones. This way you can enjoy a near to console game experience, everywhere, everytime, and without paying for a specific technologic hardware.