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Vision and Mission

Juegos para familias - Super Family Games

Each family player contributes to increase the amount of points achieved by the family team. He can do it playing in single mode or sharing the game with the rest of the family in multiplayer mode.

The final objective of our games is to make screens surrounding us an ally to help families have fun together.

These experiences full of fun will make family members spend more time together, know each other better and increase love between them.

Currently Super Family Games is completing the development of the first videogame designed this way: Super Family Hero. It will be launched to markets in August 2015.


Super Family Games S.L. is formed by young professional members who have large experience in digital sector, video games and mobile technologies. In our offices you’ll find artist illustrators, music composers, scriptwriters, developers, marketing staff and management experts. We all row together to help families grow together with tools like Super Family Hero.


‘Super Family Hero’ project

In the first version -in markets during August 2015- you’ll find a game distributed in several areas: a room where you can create your own avatar and customize it; 3 mini games to practice and train the challenges you’ll have to face; and ‘The Challenge’ mode, to experience a complete itinerary of games to obtain maximum score.

Avatar’s RoomAvatars Room - Super Family Hero

Each player is represented inside the Family Team. Individual score and achievements are added to avatar’s room. You can swap them to exclusive items so you can personalize your look. In the future, you’ll be able to obtain special functionalities to use in the games.

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Mini GamesMini Games in Super Family Hero

Mini games allow adults and kids to develop concentration and coordination, everytime and everywhere.
You can play from 1 to 4 players at a time and add points to your profiles. Playing with the mini games you will train you skills in order to face challenges proposed by interactive stories.

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Interactive StoriesInteractive Stories - Super Family Hero

Interactive Stories is the main game mode in Super Family Hero. We want to turn family-shared-time into a great experience, so what can help us better than immersing the whole family in a series of adventures?

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