Augmented Machine

Augmented Machine en Super Family Hero

Super Family Hero Augmented Machine is an Augmented Reality Game for families that will place you inside Doctor Excuses laboratory, where he keeps stolen power spheres.

To get the spheres back you can use the Augmened Machine: a magic machine that works with different mechanics. You’ll have to put these mechanics in the right box in order to complete the right route. Decide with your family which mechanics to use, and where to place them so you can get the spheres back.

You can play in family by cutting out the paper mechanics and the paper board. While one of the players puts the paper piece on the board, another can hold the tablet to take a picture and scan the mechanics.

Paper board and paper mechanics

In order to start playing to Augmented Machine you’ll have to previously print the paper board and all the paper mechanics. You can directly download it through your mobile device by clicking on the link located in the game screen. Or you can download it in your computer through this link. The downloaded file contains the image of the paper board and also the images of the paper mechanics that must be cutted out. You can print it in black and white or colour DINA4 mode.