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When playing with your family satisfies twice

Super Family Hero proposes a new way to have fun in family, using screens around you on a fresh and funny way. Through mini games and adventures, players will get into SuperMum&Dad’s world and Dr.Excuses’s island. You will take part in dangerous missions and family challenges to beat villain flunkies.

With Super Family Hero you won’t have to let your kids beat you anymore. We design mini games which adapt the level of difficulty to the profile of each family player. You’all find a real incentive in each game.

Video games for families - Super Family Hero


¿What do you find in Super Family Hero?


Avatar’s RoomAvatars Room - Super Family Hero

Each player is represented inside the Family Team. Individual score and achievements are added to avatar’s room. You can swap them to exclusive items so you can personalize your look. In the future, you’ll be able to obtain special functionalities to use in the games.

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Interactive StoriesInteractive Stories - Super Family Hero

Interactive Stories will be the next game mode coming soon in Super Family Hero. We want to turn family-shared-time into a great experience, so what can help us better than immersing the whole family in a series of adventures?

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Mini GamesMini Games in Super Family Hero

Mini games allow adults and kids to develop concentration and coordination, everytime and everywhere.
You can play from 1 to 4 players at a time and add points to your profiles. Playing with the mini games you will train you skills in order to face challenges proposed by interactive stories.

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